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Update Date : 20-02-2019
School Affiliation Validity is extended upto March’2023.

Update Date : 01-04-2020
For more detail releted to admissions , Fee , Online Class , live class etc .Please contact the PROs or Call to 05525231028, 05525231609, 9651986353, 8115640558, 9838639268,

Update Date : 01-04-2020
Dear students, The online live classes are being conducted regularly as per schedule given to you. Here are some pieces of suggestions that you have to follow under all the circumstances . 1- Do the prayer in school uniform in first period. 2 - Mute yourself during the class. 3 - Don't make a noise or creat disturbance during the class. 4 - If any student is found misbehaving during the online teaching, his/her Login ID and password will be cancelled. 5 - Don't forget to log out after the class is over, Otherwise you would no longer be able to access the next class. 6 - Represent yourself as a disciplined and cultured student of LPM. 7 - Check the Home work online given to you by your subject teachers. 8 -Make sure of the availability of network While attending the online live classes.

Update Date : 01-04-2020
Online live classes are running from kg to xii. If any student fail to log in , Contact Principal office for user ID and Password or any other questionaries.

Update Date : 14-08-2020
The student who has been found compartment in Board Exam result, Class X and Xii are advised to meet principal office before 20 August with examination fee to confirm their stand for Re exam.

Update Date : 14-08-2020
All the students who are interested to give improvement examination in subject Hindi(Science Stream only) and Hindi/B.St.( Commerce stream only) must meet before 19 August 2020 to confirm their stand for improvement exam.

Laxmi Prasad Memorial Public School is established and administered by Shree Seth Laxmi Prasad Sewa Trust. It’s a co-education English Medium School situated in Southern region of Gorakhpur.
It was founded on 2009, from classes Kindergarten to 6th...
I assure you that Laxmi Prasad Memorial public School shall develop a brilliant student out of your child & mix with a generous-topping of the traditional values, manners & courtesy while you would feel pride in the step by success of your child. We will enjoy showing you how your child would enjoy being...
Mission Of School
Abiding in “Marching Towards Disciplinary Education…. Starting a new Trend of education” the school will make the students sensitive towards under privileged and the unfortunate in the society to achieve 100% literacy.
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