Academic Calender
DateEvent / Activity / Exam
02/04/2022New Academic Session Commences
07/04/2022World Health ORG Day
16/04/2022Introduction of House System
18/04/2022Fire Drill for support Staff
22/04/2022Fire Drill for students
25/04/2022House wise skit on save water (I-V)
26/04/2022House wise poster making competition
04/05/2022English Recitation (I-V)
06/05/2022Art Competition (I-V), English Extempore (VI-VIII)
12/05/2022Appraisal (I-VIII) (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
13/05/2022Appraisal (I-VIII) (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
14/05/2022Appraisal (I-VIII) (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
16/05/2022Appraisal (I-VIII) (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
17/05/2022Appraisal (I-VIII) (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
18/05/2022Periodic Assessment - I (KG-X) and Unit - I (XII)
19/05/2022Periodic Assessment - I (KG-X) and Unit - I (XII)
20/05/2022Periodic Assessment - I (KG-X) and Unit - I (XII)
21/05/2022Periodic Assessment - I (KG-X) and Unit - I (XII)
23/05/2022Periodic Assessment - I (KG-X) and Unit - I (XII)
24/05/2022Periodic Assessment - I (KG-X) and Unit - I (XII)
21/06/2022School Reopens (IX-XII)
27/06/2022School Reopens (I-VIII)
04/07/2022Selection of House Captain (I-XII)
05/07/2022Class Room Decoration (I-VIII)
09/07/2022Election of Head Boy / Girl, House Wing Commander
11/07/2022Teacher Selection for House Coordinator (Mentor)
12/07/2022Parent Teacher Meeting
15/07/2022World Youth Skills Day
16/07/2022House Wise Creativity Exhibition
18/07/2022Appraisal - II (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
19/07/2022Appraisal - II (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
20/07/2022Appraisal - II (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
21/07/2022Appraisal - II (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
22/07/2022Appraisal - II (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
05/08/2022Patriotic Song Competition / Art Competition
08/08/2022Dance Competition
15/08/2022Independence Day Celebration
16/08/2022Rakhi Making Competition
17/08/2022Surprise Test (I-X) Start
20/08/2022Surprise Test (I-X) End
22/08/2022PA - II (KG - VIII), Unit - I (XI) Start
26/08/2022PA - II (KG - VIII), Unit - I (XI) End
06/09/2022Essay Competition
07/09/2022Painting Competition
13/09/2022Science Olympiad
14/09/2022Hindi Diwas / Hindi Elocution
15/09/2022Inter House General Knowledge Competition
02/10/2022Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti
13/10/2022Half Yearly Exam (I-XII), PA - II (IX-X) Start
21/10/2022Half Yearly Exam (I-XII), PA - II (IX-X) End
22/10/2022Rangoli Competition
23/11/2022Annual Sports Meet Starts
26/11/2022Annual Sports Meet Finish
05/12/2022English Debate (VI-X)
08/12/2022Public Awareness Rally
09/12/2022Appraisal - III (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
10/12/2022Appraisal - III (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
12/12/2022PA-III (I-X), Unit-II (XI-XII) Start
17/12/2022PA-III (I-X), Unit-II (XI-XII) End
19/12/2022Greeting Card Making Competition
10/01/2023Pre-Board - I (X-XII) Start
12/01/2023Patriotic Group Dance
18/01/2023Pre-Board - I (X-XII) End
20/01/2023Patriotic Singing Competition
21/01/2023Debate / Elocution
26/01/2023Republic Day Celebration
30/01/2023PTM for PA - III / Unit-II / Pre-Board-I
02/02/2023Appraisal - IV (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
02/02/2023Surprise Test Start
03/02/2023Registration Open for New Academic Session 2023-24
03/02/2023Appraisal - IV (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
04/02/2023Appraisal - IV (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
06/02/2023Appraisal - IV (Books, Notebooks & Activities)
06/02/2023Surprise Test End
07/02/2023Periodic Assessment-IV (KG-VIII) Start
10/02/2023Pre-Board - II (X-XII) Start
10/02/2023Periodic Assessment-IV (KG-VIII) End
16/02/2023Pre-Board - II (X-XII) End
28/02/2023Art & Craft, Science Exhibition
28/02/2023Shree Seth Laxmi Prasad Swarnkar Punyatithi
28/02/2023PTM, Medical Health Camp
10/03/2023Annual Examination (KG-IX & XI) Start
20/03/2023Annual Examination (KG-IX & XI) End
29/03/2023Result Declaration

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