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Update Date : 29-11-2018
Students of standard IX and X will attend a workshop on Print Media Awareness at AMAR UJALA GIDA office on 30-11-2018.

Update Date : 03-12-2018
Periodic Assessment-III (PA-3) Examination of Nursery to Class XII will start from 19-12-2018.

Update Date : 05-12-2018
Hindustan Olympiad Exam Will Held On 11-12-2018.

Update Date : 22-12-2018
ASL and Project Work submission will be in the 1st week of the Jan’2019 for subject Hindi Core (Code 302), class XII.

Update Date : 24-12-2018
Sand Sculpture art activity will be organized on 1st Jan”2019 at the bank of Holy River Saryu.

Update Date : 31-12-2018
Saryu Mahotsav celebration at the bank of Holy River Saryu organized by “Shree Seth Laxmi Prasad Sewa Trust” and Sand Art Sculpture display having theme to promote the value of vote for a stronger democracy on 1st January 2018 evening.

Update Date : 02-01-2019
Carrier Orientation Programme for students of standard X and XII will held on 4th January 2019.

Update Date : 02-01-2019
The students of our school will participate in different events like- Essay Competition, Painting Competition, Science Model Making Competition, Quiz Competition and Science Skit Competition in Gorakhpur Mahotsava, which will held on 11th, 12th and 13th January 2019.

Update Date : 05-01-2019
Parents Teachers Meeting of PA-3 Exam will be held on 19-01-2019.

Update Date : 23-01-2019
Class XII - Practical Examination, (2018-19) will be conducted on 25th January 2019 - Biology, 6th -, 7th, 8th, 9th February 2019 - Physics, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th February 2019 - Chemistry.

Update Date : 03-02-2019
Class XII – Practical Examination, (2018-19) will be conducted on 7th February 2019 – Economics, 8th February 2019 – Accountancy, 9th February 2019 – Business Studies.

Update Date : 08-02-2019
Periodic Assessment–IV (PA-4) Examination of Nursery to Class VIII will start from 11-02-2019.

Update Date : 13-02-2019
PRE-BOARD EXAM of class X and XII will start on 15-02-2019.

Update Date : 19-02-2019
Annual Exam of Nursery to VIII and IX, XI is commence from 8th of March’2019.

Update Date : 20-02-2019
School Affiliation Validity is extended upto March’2023.

Update Date : 16-03-2019
Annual Exam 2019 Result will be declared on 26th March’2019.

Update Date : 16-03-2019
Annual Examination 2019 result distribution will start on 27th of March’2019. New Session 2019-20 will begin from 2nd of April’2019.

Update Date : 7-11-2019
Teachers & Guardians interaction will be held on 16-11-2019

Update Date : 26-11-2019
SASHES DECKING CEREMONY will held in 6th period on 30-11-2019.

Update Date : 02-12-2019
PUBLIC AWARENESS RALLY will held on 10-12-2019.

Update Date : 11-12-2019
Periodic Assessment III Exam will start from 18-12-2019.

Laxmi Prasad Memorial Public School is established and administered by Shree Seth Laxmi Prasad Sewa Trust. It’s a co-education English Medium School situated in Southern region of Gorakhpur.
It was founded on 2009, from classes Kindergarten to 6th...
I assure you that Laxmi Prasad Memorial public School shall develop a brilliant student out of your child & mix with a generous-topping of the traditional values, manners & courtesy while you would feel pride in the step by success of your child. We will enjoy showing you how your child would enjoy being...
Mission Of School
Abiding in “Marching Towards Disciplinary Education…. Starting a new Trend of education” the school will make the students sensitive towards under privileged and the unfortunate in the society to achieve 100% literacy.
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