Admission Procedure

• Application form for Admission will be available along with prospectus at school office from 3rd February 2019 onward.

• The academic session of the school is from April to March.

• Admission to kindergarten is taken in from presented dates for admission from prescribed date onwards.

• Application will be entertained only at the instance of vacancies in those classes, Which shall be announced through the school notice board.


• Application for admission should be to the principal on a prescribed form at the school office from February 2019 onwards.

• A written test and interview will be taken from standard first onward. Written test in this case will be held In aspect of all core subjects applicable for the class.

• Admission will be taken in the basis of merit.

• At the time of admission original birth certificate from the municipality/health department must be submitted for the first standard & original T.C. of the school last attended for the classes of second onwards.

• The school reserve the right of refusing admission, re-admission to any student without assigning reason.

• The Interest and availability of the parents in helping the child will be specially counted in the selection of children for admission.
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